Fried & Associates, LLC

Fried & Associates, LLC

professional process servers in knoxville, tn

THOROUGH, 100% SUCCESSful Process service

Serving Legal Process Takes the Right Kind of Professional.

One small mistake can ruin an entire case. It only takes one failed process serving to set a defendant on alert, at a minimum, stalling a case and at worst, getting it thrown out entirely.

That’s why at Fried & Associates, we serve process right the first time, ensuring that the party in question receives their summons and your case proceeds right on track. We perform each assignment with care and professionalism, offering unmatched experience and execution.

We’ve successfully served 100% of the processes assigned to us. Why risk hiring anyone else?

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We’ll Deliver Where Other Process Servers Couldn’t.

The hardest parties to serve are the ones who know you’re coming. If your former process server failed and couldn’t deliver on the job, we can fix it. We’ll pick up where they left off and get the job done.

As licensed private investigators, we have more effective options available to us, and we have the experience to use them right. With our creative methods and delivery, we ensure effective, legal service to the receiver. When others fall short, we follow through.

Meet Mark Fried

Our senior investigator, Captain Mark Fried, is an honorably retired municipal law enforcement executive with more than 35 years of police service. Captain Fried has extensive experience conducting criminal investigations and has brought this breadth of experience to the world of private investigations. All investigations undertaken by Fried & Associates are supervised by Captain Fried for superior quality control and positive results. Consultations are always free of charge, and we do not take cases if we cannot be of service to our clients. Remember, choosing an investigator or company without real world investigative experience is a recipe for wasted money and poor outcomes.

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