Fried & Associates, LLC

Fried & Associates, LLC


Member of the TPIA – Tennessee Professional Investigator’s Association

Fried & Associates, LLC serves all 50 states


Fried & Associates offers superior private investigations in Eastern Tennessee for the following. In some cases, we can provide service anywhere in the United States:

private investigator for adultery and cheating

Adultery / Cheating

We can confirm or eliminate your fears.

child custody dispute investigator

Child Custody Disputes

Is the court order being respected? We can find out one way or the other.

skip tracing and finding lost people

Skip Trace

We can find people who don’t want to be found. Also, if you are simply looking for someone from your past, we can find them.

due diligence investigations

Due Diligence

We are your go to service for careful investigation of the economic, legal, fiscal and financial circumstances of a business or individual.

missing persons investigator

Missing Persons

Police cannot prioritize non-criminal missing persons cases, but we can.

workers' compensation fraud investigation

Workers' Compensation Fraud

Are they really as injured as they claim? We can find out for certain.

divorce investigator in east tn


Is your spouse lying to you and the court? We can find out.

hidden surveillance and camera investigator

Hidden Cameras or Recording Devices

We can sweep your home or office for unwanted electronic surveillance or eavesdropping.

business theft investigator

Potential or Suspected Business Theft

Do you suspect theft or have unexplained losses? We can help.

gather evidence for litigation

Evidence Gathering

We know how to gather evidence to support your lawful claims in anticipation of litigation.

legal process service

Legal Process Service

We can serve summons and complaints when those being served are avoiding lawful service.

insurance fraud investigator

Insurance Fraud

We leave no stone unturned and attention to detail is an operating principle.

background check expert


Know the real details about anyone in your life or future life. Criminal records, judgements, associates, social media, email addresses, secret phones, we can find out about them.

suspicious death investigator

Suicide or Suspicious Deaths

Did a friend or family member die of suspected suicide or natural causes and you don’t believe it? Call us. We have years of experience in death investigations, we can examine the case and give you, our expert opinion of what really happened. Yes, sometimes coroners, doctors, and law enforcement all get it wrong.

lie detector and polygraph test near you

Lie Detectors

Do you suspect someone of theft, infidelity, or drug use? We have access to sophisticated polygraph equipment and trained polygraphers who specialize in obtaining the truth from subjects. We can tell you if someone is deceptive in their answers.

Meet Mark Fried

Our senior investigator, Captain Mark Fried, is an honorably retired municipal law enforcement executive with more than 35 years of police service. Captain Fried has extensive experience conducting criminal investigations and has brought this breadth of experience to the world of private investigations.

All investigations undertaken by Fried & Associates are supervised by Captain Fried for superior quality control and positive results. Consultations are always free of charge, and we do not take cases if we cannot be of service to our clients.

Remember, choosing an investigator or company without real world investigative experience is a recipe for wasted money and poor outcomes.

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